Vision 2020


St. Mary's Ryken is entering a two-year fundraising initiative to focus on specific needs and enhancements that will directly impact all stages of our Fine Arts Department and provide a more enriching and vibrant learning atmosphere for all of our students. Your funding of the St. Mary's Ryken Knight Gala directly supports Vision 2020 for the Arts! Proceeds from the event will secure a new grand piano, and classroom renovations for the Fine Arts classrooms in Rupert Hall.

88 Keys


“Buy a Key” to help us reach our $15,000 goal to purchase a Baby Grand Piano.



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St. Mary's Ryken Gala Committee

Sue Ann Armitage ’83, P ‘16 | Jennifer Blake P ‘21 | Mary Bull P ‘20 | Kandace Foreman P ‘23 | 

Gabrielle Forte P ‘12. ‘15 | Kristi Getson P ‘20, ‘21 | Lynda Kovach P ‘21 | Susan Miller ’78, P ’08, ‘13 |

Kathryn Tedford P ’19, ‘21 | Ellie Tennyson P  ’13 ’15, ’18, ‘20