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Health Information

At Summer Knights at St. Mary’s Ryken, your students' health, safety and well being are our top priorities. The following regulations are in place to ensure a safe, healthy environment for all campers, staff and faculty at Summer Knights. 

Staffing: At Summer Knights, we have several staff members to ensure a safe and positive experience, including the Summer Knights Director, Assistant Director, Athletic Trainer, Coaches and Faculty. All staff members have been fingerprinted, with State and Federal background checks, and Adam Walsh Child Abuse checks. 

Health Forms: Prior to participation in camps at Summer Knights, each camper must complete a Health Form (completed during registration). A copy of this form will be on-file with the on-site medical personnel who will review all forms and have them readily available in the event of a medical emergency. These forms will be reviewed by the Health Team and campers with medical conditions will be identified at the beginning of each week of camp. Medical concerns will be communicated to coaching/staff members. The coaching staff will be given a detailed list of campers with medical conditions.

Medication: Inhalers and Epipens are the only medications allowed at camp. Any student requiring one of these medications at camp is REQUIRED to have a Medical Authorization Form completed by his/her prescribing physician. While Summer Knights does have medical personnel on campus, please note, we do not always have a registered nurse/doctor available, thus we prefer campers to be allowed to self-administer medication, which requires parent and physician consent. All medication will be self-administered by the camper, with a camp staff member present to oversee use of medication and ensure it is properly being administered as per the Medical Authorization Form. Please be sure that the self-administer portion of the form is signed by the physician and parent. Campers not able to self-administer will receive assistance by a trained staff member. This form MUST be on file two weeks prior to the start of camp for review. Prior to camp, the medication will be submitted to the on-staff medical personnel along with a completed Medical Authorization Form.  A Medical Authorization Form must be completed for EACH medication. 

Please note: Any prescribed medication must be in the original container bearing a pharmacy label that includes the following: prescription number, date filled, authorized prescriber’s name, patient's name, name of the medication, dose of the medication, route of administration for the medication, time or frequency of administration for the medication, and expiration date.  

Summer Knights does not distribute over-the-counter medication. If a student needs OTC medication during camp (or a prescribed medication where the student is not permitted to self-administer), a parent may come to camp to distribute the medication. Please contact the Summer Knights office to discuss. 

Storage of Medication: With exception of Sailing Camp, the medical staff will store all medication in a room temperature environment and each medicine will be stored in a plastic bag with the Medical Authorization Form inside of the bag. For Sailing camp, the head sailing staff member will have a waterproof container with all medication and Medical Authorization Form​ stored inside of it. This case will always be with the head staff member and on his/her boat during sailing activities. The Sailing staff member will notify the on-site medical personnel if/when an incident has occurred or when medication needs to administered.

Administration of Medication: If there is a medical emergency that requires the administration of medication, the on-site medical personnel will administer emergency medication as instructed on the Medical Authorization Form.  The on-site medical personnel must be contacted and present for the administration of medication and shall complete the proper documentation regarding the administration of medication. 

Return of Medication: At the conclusion of camp, the medication will be returned to the parent/legal guardian and properly signed out.  Any medication that is not returned at the end of the Summer Knights program will be documented and properly disposed of following the proper protocol.  Summer Knights will store medication until August 16. Summer Knights will attempt to notify a parent however all medication will be disposed of after August 16. Summer Knights is not responsible for refilling, replacing or compensating for any medication not picked up by August 16. 

Sunscreen: The Center for Healthy Homes and Community Services no longer considers sunscreen a medication requiring a prescriptive order. Summer Knights encourages all campers and staff to bring their own sunscreen, apply, and reapply sunscreen frequently. More details about the revised policy may be found here

Asthma and Allergy Action Plan: In addition to the Medication Administration form, families should also fill out and have a doctor sign an Asthma Action Plan or Allergy (Epi Pen) Action plan; whichever applies.

Asthma Action Plan

Allergy Action Plan

If you have any questions, please contact the Summer Knights team at