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WYD Rio de Janeiro Brasil 2013

Tour company chosen!

Hello everyone,

We have decided to go with EF Tours for our trip to Rio for WYD. EF tours has many years of experience providing travel for students - we use them for all of our educational tours. EF is insured and provides locked in rates for all hotels, excursions, and meals. The only price that is not fixed, for all travel companies is airfare.

We are going to have to pay WYD registration separately and will do so as a group online. You will be billed separately for that fee. It is TBD at this point - see more information here:

Please email Mrs. Dempsey with any fundraising ideas or questions you may have!


Posted Friday 03/02/12 12:24 PM
Information on Passports and Visas

Passports & Visas


Every non-Portugese pilgrim should be carrying a passport. It would be best to apply for your passport at least nine month in advance just in case there is a problem (and we have seen many, many problems).

Passport Expiration:

In general, your passport should not expire for six months from the date of your arrival in Brazil. Some airlines will not allow you to board with a passport that expires less than six months from your date of arrival. If yours does, get a new one with a nice new photo.


All US citizens must apply for a visa (permission to enter) in order to travel to Brazil. You should begin this process once the overseas flights have been reserved 11 months prior to departure. Pilgrimage organizations cannot assist pilgrims in getting visas.

Posted Wednesday 02/01/12 2:38 PM
Visas to Brasil

Please see all of the information regarding travel to Brasil!

Here is the online application:

You need a visa and a valid passport to travel. You need to apply for a visa about 11 months in advance of the trip to make sure all participants are cleared for travel!!!

Posted Wednesday 02/01/12 2:33 PM
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