Tag Day


Christopher Palombi


Modesty is a virtue we encourage in our SMR students. Although tags days are relaxed dress code, we are still in a professional community, men and women should be sure to wear clothing appropriate for the school setting. 

Guidelines for appropriate tag day attire are as follows:

  • Shirts\tops-must be at least short-sleeved or longer. Shirt may have a crewneck, with no open or plunging necklines. May not be open back. Must cover the midriff and lower back areas completely whether standing or sitting. No halter tops, tube tops, strapless shirts, low-cut tops, tank tops, etc.…
  • Pants\slacks-must be worn at waist level. Students should be sure to wear a belt to keep pants at waist level. There should be no rips or holes in the pants. Pajama, yoga pants, workout pants, and leggings are not permitted.
  • Shorts\skirts-must be at least fingertip length or longer both in front and back.  
  • Clothing with drug-, tobacco- or alcohol-related symbols are prohibited.
  • Tag Day