Casual Uniform


Christopher Palombi


The SMR dress code provides a standard for our students conducive to learning and respectful behavior. The SMR dress code balances the need for self-expression and promotes a positive attitude. The school uniform is a point of pride and must always be worn in an appropriate manner. In addition, students are required to follow the appropriate grooming guidelines and tag day guidelines or the student will receive appropriate disciplinary action. Students must maintain possession of their school issued student ID at all times.


  • Navy or Forest Green SMR polo (from Campus Store only)
  • Navy or Forest Green SMR Polo shirts from Club/team store
    • Shirt should be tucked in. 


  • Light Khaki Pants with SMR emblem purchased from Flynn O’Hara


  • Light Khaki Shorts with SMR emblem purchased from Flynn O’Hara
    • Shorts must be fingertip length
    • Shorts should not be form-fitting


  • Light Khaki kilt/skort with SMR emblem purchased from Flynn O’Hara (SMR emblem only required on new skirts purchased from Flynn O'Hara)
    • Skirts must be fingertip length
    • Students are allowed to wear solid color navy blue or black stockings/opaque tights under their skirt for warmth.
      • No yoga or sweat pants


  • Predominantly black or white sneaker/tennis shoe
  • Solid tan deck or oxford style shoe. For a list of approved styles, click here 
    • No boots, sandals, or open toe shoes. Uggs, Sanuks, Crocs, slipper style, moccasins, cowboy boots and combat boots are not permitted.
    • Boots are allowed to be worn during instances of rain or snow.


  • Navy blue, white or black crew socks


  • Brown or black dress belt (solid weave, khaki-canvas or leather). Students are required to wear a belt when wearing pants or shorts.

Cold Weather Indoor: If a student is cold during the school day he\she can wear the SMR uniform quarter-zip or a white, gray, navy blue, or forest green SMR athletic quarter-zip. In addition, students can wear a SMR crewneck sweatshirt or a solid navy blue, white, forest green or gray,  crewneck sweatshirt (there should be no labels, pictures, or writing on the crewneck). None of these items should be oversized.

  • Nothing with a hood should be worn under the blazer or quarter-zip.
  • The following items may not be worn: non-uniform sweaters, sweat pants, yoga pants, or any other non-compliant clothing.

Cold Weather Outdoor: We are blessed with a beautiful walking campus. It is important that during the winter months, students plan to dress for the weather while staying in uniform.

  • Female students wearing the skort/kilt can wear solid color navy blue or black stockings/opaque tights for warmth during the winter.
  • Students should wear winter coats/hat when transitioning between buildings but these items should come off once in the classroom.
  • Ball caps are not permitted to be worn during the school day. 

Only SMR hoodies should be worn when transitioning between classes. Hoodies should come off when students enter the classroom. Hoodies should not be oversized or worn under the blazer or quarter-zip.   

Jewelry: Students are not allowed to wear any necklaces (of any type or style) on the outside of their school uniform. All necklaces must be worn under the student’s shirt. Students are not permitted to have facial piercings of any kind. 

  • Young Men: Earrings or any other body piercing jewelry or gages are not to be worn by a male student in school. 
  • Young Ladies: Female students may wear small earrings, of modest size and shape, on their earlobes. Large hoops, long earrings, gages or any other body piercing jewelry are not to be worn in school.

Cosmetics: Lightly applied cosmetics can be worn during the school day. 

Hair: Students are expected to be well groomed. Hair must be neatly kept and of natural color. Extreme variations in length, designs and color or shaved areas of hair are not permitted. Scarfs or other hair accessories/coverings should not be worn during the school day. 

Young Men: Any facial hair must be groomed and well kept. SMR administration will ask a student to shave if facial hair is not neat and groomed. 

Shoes: Be sure to review the shoe styles permitted during the school day. Click here to view. 

Blazer, Shirt and Ties:

  • Shirts should be tucked in.
  • Shirts for young men should be buttoned all the way and your tie tired correctly. Click here for an instructional video on how to tie a tie.
  • Blazers should be worn at all times. 

SMR reserves the right to alter parts of our policy as needed. Updates will be communicated to families and ample time will be provided to adjust to any updates. 

Violation of Dress Code:

Students are permitted three "free" uniform violations first semester. Further infractions will result in the disciplinary actions outlined below:

  • 1st offense: Lunch Detention & email to parent
  • 2nd offense: After School Detention & email to parent
  • 3rd offense: In school suspension & meeting with parent
  • 4th offense: Out of school suspension, disciplinary probation & a meeting with parent
  • 5th offense: Possible removal from SMR community

Inappropriate apparel will result in removal from class until student is dressed in proper attire.

  • Casual Uniform