Winter Uniform - Lowerclassmen Boys


Christopher Palombi

Oxford Shirt

  • White or light blue long or short sleeved oxford with SMR logo.
  • Students may wear a long sleeve article under the oxford shirt

Sweater (9th & 10th)

  • Navy blue SMR logo quarter zip purchased from uniform store
  • Students may wear any full-zip or full- button coat over the sweater when in the Alumni Hall campus cafe or when outside of campus buildings

Tie (9th & 10th)

  • SMR "Knighthead logo" tie 


  • Khaki pants with SMR logo from official uniform store


  • Tan, brown, or black Sperry-type shoes
  • On inclement days only (rain or snow), winter boots may be worn on campus as well as in our buildings.  They do not need to be changed inside our buildings if they are tan, brown, or black in color.
  • Sanuks are not permitted.


  • Navy blue, black or solid white socks above the ankle


  • Brown or black dress belt (solid weave or khaki-canvas or leather)
  • Winter Uniform