Summer Uniform - Girls


Christopher Palombi

Oxford Shirt

  • White or light blue long or short sleeved oxford with SMR logo.
  • Students may wear a long sleeve article under the oxford shirt

Polo Shirts

  • Navy, White, or Forest Green (from Campus Store only)
  • Polo shirts from team store if student is on that sports team or club


  • Khaki skirt from official uniform store
  • Must be fingertip length in front and back.
  • Cannot be rolled.


  • Khaki pants with SMR logo from official uniform store


  • Solid brown topsiders, suede bucks or tennis shoes.

Tights/Knee Socks

  • Navy blue, black or solid white opaque tights
  • Slid white or solid navy blue tights with skirts
  • White or black socks above the ankle


  • Brown dress belt (solid weave or khaki-canvas or leather)
  • Summer Uniform