Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning

For our returning families, it's helpful to explain how learning will be similar to the past school year's 4th quarter and how it will be different.  

To increase in-person instruction time, our students will have a “block schedule” with 4 classes per day of 80 minutes each.  This scheduling change continues the Green Day and Blue Day plan begun during 4th quarter of the past year. 

In-person instruction (Hybrid Learning and Full-Capacity In-Person Learning) will focus to a large degree on the following: practice, discussion, collaboration, presentation, revision, and lecture. Teachers will use this time to work with smaller groups of students on their individual and group needs.  

Asynchronous learning in a course will be closely matched with in-person learning (during the Hybrid and Virtual models).  

If due to changes in the environment, SMR moves to the Virtual Learning, synchronous learning (teachers and students together at a designated time) will be the predominant teaching method utilized. 

Students will demonstrate their learning through a variety of methods such as videos, presentations, written responses, and annotations, etc.

Teachers will combine a deep knowledge of content with an understanding of the skills needed for students to be successful during and after high school to craft lessons and units of instruction which will help SMR students continue to be prepared for the rigors of college. Professional expertise in virtual learning has been a focus of all of our teachers throughout the summer and will continue as they return in August to prepare for the challenges and opportunities of the coming school year.

Students and parents will use the new Veracross portal to access all assignments and class resources. Our teachers will update these resources and calendars each week, thus they will function much like each class’s “matrix” was used during Spring 2020 eLearning.



The current attendance policy will not change.

Virtual Learning Attendance Procedures

During virtual learning days, all students are assumed to be present unless their parent reports them as absent.  If you know your child is not going to be available for virtual learning on a given day, please use the link below or email attendance@smrhs.org to alert us that they will be absent. 

Report Student Attendance Here