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SMR Scholars Program

The goal of the Scholars Program is to offer accelerated curriculum concentrations to our students who want a more rigorous and advanced course of study in a specific field. To be selected for the Scholars Program, the student’s high school placement results and grade point average will be evaluated.


Fine Arts

I give my child permission to spend a day at St. Mary’s Ryken. I accept the responsibility to ensure that my child understands that while s/he is at SMR s/he will be expected to abide by the rules as outlined in the school handbook.  In the event that the regulations at St. Mary’s Ryken are not followed, I will pick my child up at SMR upon request.

PARENTAL CONSENT TO TREAT: In the event of serious illness or injury, I understand that an attempt will be made to contact me in the most expeditious manner possible. In the event I cannot be reached, permission is hereby granted to St. Mary’s Ryken High School to (1) proceed with any necessary Primary and Secondary First Aid, (2) transport my child to a medical facility for emergency care, (3) release pertinent medical information concerning my child to any professional involved in the health care of my child, (4) allow the performance of all examinations, diagnostic procedures and treatments deemed necessary by the attending physician to care for my child in an emergency situation until I can be contacted.