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Concussion Policy

Concussion Clearance Form

Baseline Testing

As part of our pre-participation physical exam, student-athletes will be required to complete a computerized neuro-psychological exam ImPACT which evaluates athlete’s reaction time, concentration, and memory.  Testing must be done at St. Mary’s Ryken High School regardless if they have had baseline testing done at a different institute or athletic program.  This will provide the Sports Medicine staff with “baseline scores” for comparison purposes should the student-athlete sustain a concussion during a sanctioned athletic event for St. Mary’s Ryken High School Athletics.  Baselines must be completed every 2 years.  Student-athletes required to complete this exam will be determined on a sport-by-sport basis or by the Sports Medicine staff.

Notification of Probable Head Injury

If a head injury/mild traumatic brain injury is suspected, the student-athlete will be removed from play and evaluated.  The Athletic Trainer will evaluate and make the appropriate referral for any suspected head injuries and parents will be notified by the Sports Medicine Staff.  Student-athletes are recommended to report symptoms on a graded symptom score sheet daily. 

Return to Play

The student-athlete may not return to play until cleared by a qualified medical professional (e.g., physician, neurologist).  Once the student-athlete has been symptom free for 24 hours and they have a note from a qualified medical professional, they may begin a graduated return to play protocol.  If any symptoms occur during any of the graduated return to play steps, all activity must stop.  The protocol will resume once the student-athlete is symptom free for 24 hours and/or cleared to resume by an Athletic Trainer.