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Nutrition Tip

Have you ever heard that a bunch of really small changes can equate to one massive change? We are going to start the process by doing one thing at a time- one small change! When you’re trying to eat healthy, it’s easy to focus on the food alone. But what about what you drink? Sugary beverages and artificial sweeteners definitely don’t do you any favors. Even fruit juice, which packs a ton of calories and sugar (albeit natural), isn’t the best option. What is the best option? It’s free, it’s widely available, it’s easily portable - it’s WATER!

This week, we want you to change what you are drinking, one drink at a time. On Monday replace one drink that contains sugar with water, on Tuesday do the same, on Wednesday do the same and progress through the week until you are not consuming any sugary drinks. The coffee question…keep drinking coffee! Drink it in moderation; we don’t want to be at home with a pounding headache. That being said, if you are dumping packets of sugar into your coffee, try to cut a little bit of sugar out each day and progress to zero! I promise the coffee will taste great - we just need your taste buds to adjust!   

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