Spend the Day as a Knight

Spending the day as a Knight is a great way to explore St. Mary's Ryken. Prospective students will have the opportunity to visit classes and have lunch with a current SMR student.

In order to schedule a visit for the 2017-18 school year, a parent must complete the Request Information Form and review the guidelines below.

Request Information

Guidelines to Spend the Day as a Knight

1. A parent must complete the Request Information form.

2. All arrangements must be made through the Admissions Office at least ONE WEEK in advance of the requested date.

Please indicate on your permission form if you would like to shadow a particular student or see a particular class (e.g. band, chorus, scholars program). We will do our best to accommodate your request.  Please note that in order to provide a valuable experience, SMR limits the number of visitors per day.

3. On your scheduled day:

Dress appropriately.  If a visiting student currently wears a school uniform,  he or she should wear what they would normally wear to school.  Students who do not wear a uniform should wear pants (no jeans, leggings or athletic wear) and a collared shirt. Girls may wear a skirt; however, it must touch the top of the knee. Please keep in mind that SMR is comparable to a small college campus. Students move between five different buildings throughout the day, so it’s important to dress for the weather and consider comfortable shoes.

Lunch will be provided compliments of SMR, or visiting students may choose to bring a lunch from home.

Arrive at 9:30 AM. Parents should drop students off on the lower campus, in the circle directly in front of Alumni Hall.

Students are to be picked up from the Admissions office at 2:00 P.M. Students riding the bus home or carpooling with a SMR student may stay until 2:40 P.M.

Questions? Contact the Admissions Office at 301-373-4183 or by email.

"I am very interested in attending St. Mary's Ryken because it offers academic excellence, a positive learning environment, a commitment to service and the ability to participate in the WCAC athletic conference. These opportunities are all important to me and I am confident that I can succeed in this environment.”

- 8th grader from Mill Creek Middle School


"After visiting for a day, I fell in love with St. Mary’s Ryken. The campus was beautiful, my welcome was warm, the teachers were connected, the technology was impressive, the chapel experience was humbling and the lunch was great!”

- 8th grader from Windy Hill Middle School

"After spending the day at SMR, I knew that St. Mary’s Ryken was for me. I felt like I belonged there, something that I don’t feel at the school I’m at now. My brother attended St. Mary’s Ryken and is now in college. He has told me that St. Mary’s Ryken prepared him for college in ways he couldn’t even have imagined, and I want the same experience in my life.”

- 8th grader from John Hanson Middle School