Parent Testimonials

"As an SMR alumni and current parent, all I can say about St. Mary’s Ryken are good things! Academically, SMR is great and your child WILL be ready for college. However, I have been more impressed with the "person" they have helped my daughters become through the faith based education and service to others.”

- John Collins

SMR Class of 1988


"St. Mary's Ryken promotes academic excellence by fostering a rigorous learning environment while providing engaged staff member support to its students. SMR also places the highest value on developing young leaders who are confident in their Catholic faith and are willing to lead others to Christ through their example of service in our community. As proud parents of four past, current and future SMR students, we could not be more pleased with the investment we have made in our children's futures by choosing St. Mary’s Ryken!”

- Mr. and Mrs. Papp