International Diversity Scholarship

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St. Mary’s Ryken has a welcoming and reputable international student program and seeks to grow in diversity. This scholarship was created to help bring diversity and to strengthen the international student population. It is awarded to students with F-1 visa who originate from under-represented countries in the International Student Program and who qualify for admission through the International Program.




  • Students must receive admission through the International Programs Office to qualify
  • Student must be from an under-represented country or area of the world
  • Student must provide an additional admissions essay on the topic:



“How I will contribute to international diversity in the SMR community.”

  • Student must remain in good academic standing to retain the award year to year
  • Student must complete one program, project or contribution to educate our SMR community about the country and culture of the student receiving the award



Admission to the International Program requires:

  • Completed International Application
  • Transcript review/ (translated transcripts from middle school and High school)
  • 2 letters of recommendation: from English teacher and Math/Science teacher
  • Skype Interview with International Program Director
  • Approval of the Principal

The amount of the award will vary and is determined by the merits of the applicant and the needs of the school for diversity from a country or an area of the world.



How to Apply:


Please contact the International Programs office to apply: