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Merit-Based Scholarships

St. Mary's Ryken awards merit-based scholarships to incoming freshmen. Merit-based scholarships are four-year scholarships and therefore SMR is not able to award scholarships to students attending SMR for less than four years.

The merit-based scholarship award process is very competitive. Typically, there are multiple scholarship winners per category. All SMR Scholarship Committee decisions are final and not subject to review or appeal.

Parents who are concerned about tuition affordability should apply for need-based financial aid through TADS and be sure that their 8th grader competes for at least one of the scholarships listed below.  It is possible for a student to win more than one scholarship, and in some cases, both financial aid and scholarships are awarded.

There is no separate scholarship application on the application checklist within the admissions portal. Please take note of the requirements and due date for each scholarship listed below. Only applicants who have complete admissions application checklists will be considered for merit-based scholarships.

Scholarship Day for the Class of 2029 is January 25, 2025. If your 8th grader plans to compete for a scholarship requiring an audition, please save this date! Further details about interest, sign-up and logistics will be shared as the event approaches. 

Good luck!