Summer Assignments

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Research shows that there can be a tremendous loss of learning during the summer months. These assignments are intended to keep your student “tuned in” to learning throughout the summer without causing undue stress or burdens. In short, we want our students to keep learning but have enough time to enjoy all that summer can offer! Your time and attention to your child’s continued academic development over the summer is truly appreciated.

Computer Science


9143 (H) PLTW - Computer Science Essentials

9430 AP Computer Science Principles

9434 AP Computer Science A

9435 (H) PLTW - Cybersecurity



2010 English 9

2110 Literature and Composition I

2120 (H) Literature and Composition I

2210 American Literature and Composition

2220 Pre-AP English Language and Literature

2310 Nonfiction: Composition and Argument

2314 African-American Literature

2330 AP English Language and Composition

2410 British Literature

2414 Religious Literature

2430 AP English Literature

Fine Arts


7245 AP Music Theory

Band / Orchestra

7610 Concert Band

7620 (H) Wind Ensemble

7615 (H) String Orchestra


7710 Chorus

7720 (H) Show Choir


7910 Dance I

7920 Dance II

7930 (H) Dance III

Visual Arts

7430 AP Studio Art



4110 Ancient and Medieval History

4120 (H) Ancient World History

4210 Modern World History

4230 AP World History

4310 US History

4330 AP US History

4410 American Government

4430 AP American Government

4130 AP Human Geography



3110 Algebra I

3120 (H) Algebra I

3210 Geometry

3220 (H) Geometry

3310 Algebra II

3311 CP Trigonometry

3320 (H) Algebra II

3321 (H) Trigonometry

3430 (H) Calculus

3530 AP Statistics

3534 AP Calculus AB

3535 AP Calculus BC



5010 Integrated Science

5110 Conceptual Physics With an Algebra Base

5120 (H) Conceptual Physics With an Algebra Base

5210 Chemistry

5220 (H) Chemistry

5310 Biology

5320 (H) Biology

5420 (H) Intro Human Anatomy

5425 (H) Physics

5436 AP Physics C Mechanics

5530 AP Environmental Science

5534 AP Chemistry

5535 AP Biology

5536 AP Physics Electricity and Magnetism

5544 (H) Introduction to Engineering Design

Social Science


4130 AP Human Geography

4530 AP Psychology

4531 AP Macroeconomics

World Language


6116 Chinese I

6216 Chinese II

6226 (H) Chinese II

6316 Chinese III

6326 (H) Chinese III

6426 (H) Chinese IV

6215 French II

6225 (H) French II

6315 French III

6325 (H) French III

6435 AP French

6214 Latin II

6224 (H) Latin II

6314 Latin III

6324 (H) Latin III

6434 AP Latin

6210 Spanish II

6220 (H) Spanish II

6310 Spanish III

6320 (H) Spanish III

6430 AP Spanish Language and Culture