STEM Programs

All of our students are STEM students

100% of St. Mary's Ryken students can participate in the STEM programs offered here at SMR

STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Math - is a program to prepare students for careers in high-tech areas by introducing them to hands-on experiences in the natural sciences and engineering before college. SMR STEM 100 program seeks to encourage students to pursue an education in engineering and technology and to stay engaged in engineering and the sciences throughout their lives.

What type of STEM activities are offered to students?

• AP Physics, Honors Calculus, and AP Calculus classes visited the NAS Pax Research Labs for a presentation about the catapult and the horizontal accelerator.
• Scientists and engineers from the Pax Navy Base are available to serve and have served as mentors for science research projects.
•SMR fields a FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) Robotics Team. All SMR students are invited and encouraged to be a part of the team. The team is responsible for designing, building and programming their robots to compete in an alliance format against other teams from local and regional high schools. The robot kit is reusable from year to year, and is programmed using a variety of languages.
• The "Girls Who Dare to be Geeks" club and many science and math classes have guest speakers from the fields of industrial, civil, mechanical and electrical engineering.
• Juniors and seniors hear a presentation about internships and job opportunities at the Pax Navy Base.


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