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Project Lead the Way Biomedical Science Capstone Project


“What I learned from the Emergency Room Design Capstone Project.”

Students in the Biomedical Innovations Project Lead the Way Course were tasked with creating a fully functional, no budget emergency department based upon case studies. Students were tasked with budgeting, architecture and determining proper functionality within their emergency department, focusing on wait times, triaging, and treatment. This project is part of the capstone course in the Scholars Program Biomedical Pathway. The course is taught by science, Mr. Bryan Kerns.


From left: Demetrius Poole, Orianna Eldridge, Brianna Bowen, Vir’Leah Aldridge,  Alyssa Salud-Benipayo and Katie White with Mr. Bryan Kerns holding their diagram of a designed emergency room.

“By reaching out to many different hospitals and gaining as much information as possible, we were able to create our ideal emergency room. Through this experience we have learned a lot about how emergency rooms run. We have also learned how to work together and compromise in order to create the best emergency room possible. “  Kathryn White '20

“I learned how to apply research and implement it into thinking of innovative ideas to improve the emergency department.” Vir’Leah Aldridge '20

“Throughout this project, I have learned efficient communication techniques through contacting hospitals for efficient emergency room design, as well as developmental design techniques. I also learned how an ER is supposed to be run, and how to run one efficiently. Costs to run adequate emergency room was something that really stuck with me, because to build just an emergency room is very expensive.” Demetrius Poole '20

Project Lead the Way

“I have learned effective communication skills as we reached out to many hospitals in the surrounding area to learn about their emergency departments. I also learned about what goes into building an emergency department and how many different aspects go into building something like so elaborate.” Orianna Eldridge '20

“Through this assignment I learned about several concepts that didn’t involve medicine. For instance, the important of architecture and design. A lot goes into formulating and building an ER from the ground up such as efficiency, format, and price. As a result, I have a become well immersed in skills such as communication and critical thinking which are beneficial to my future profession.” Kaela Robinson '20

“By designing our own efficient emergency department, I have learned so much about emergency medical services, as a result of research and development. Through our ER design, I learned a lot about how an ER actually functions, especially the importance of staffing and patient coverage. In addition to the overall design process, I have learned important skills for community outreach, since we had the opportunity to interview various hospitals and professionals throughout the area.”  Alyssa Salud-Benipayo '20

“I have learned how difficult emergency rooms can be to manage and get to run smoothly.” Brianna Bowen '20