Rotating Schedule

The school day starts at 8:10 a.m. and ends at 2:40 p.m.

Students participate in six 50-minute classes each day. All students have a 30-minute lunch break in the middle of their day, and a 30-minute X-hour class.

What is SMR’s Rotating Schedule?

SMR has a seven-day rotating schedule, allowing students to maximize their potential. In other words, some students may not be at their best in the morning, and others may not be fully focused after lunch. SMR’s rotating schedule addresses this by making sure students don’t always have the same class at the same time every day, helping to keep them focused and engaged. Our student athletes also benefit from the rotating schedule because when they need to leave school early for an away game, the same class isn’t always the one missed.

  • Students take 7 classes per semester.
  • Students attend 6 classes per day and X-hour.
  • Everyday one of the student’s seven classes “drops out” of his/her schedule and is picked back up again the next day.
  • Each day the time of each class rotates as well.
  • Each school day is assigned a letter (A – G) and this is how students and faculty can easily remember which schedule to follow.
  • This scheduling format is another way that SMR students are prepared for life after high school and a college course schedule.

What’s X-hour?

X- hour stands for Xaverian Hour, the time of day when students get extra help from their teachers, participate in clubs, or meet with their faculty advisor. X-hour enables all SMR students to participate in extra-curricular activities and seek help from faculty during the school day, no matter what they have scheduled after school.

Questions about the rotating schedule or X-hour? Reach out to the SMR Admissions Office at 301-373-4183 for an explanation.