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Diploma Request


St. Mary's Ryken Diploma Request Form for Alumni

In most cases, a transcript will suffice as it contains graduation date, enrollment date, date of birth and other vital information. Please select "Request a Transcript" found on the "Quick Links" page, or click here.

Fee: $25.00 per diploma

First Name
Last Name
Enter a current telephone number.
Please enter your name as it would have appeared on your diploma at the time of your graduation​.

Please enter the mailing address where you would like us to send the diploma.

please submit entire mailing address to avoid delays in processing
Please allow up to ten days for processing a diploma. The diploma will only be mailed if there are no outstanding balances at St. Mary's Ryken. There is a strict no refund policy. If a diploma cannot be mailed the amount paid will be applied to any outstanding debts.

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