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Portrait of a Graduate

At St. Mary's Ryken, every day we strive to instill core values in each student that reflect our school's overall values and mission. These values are reflected in the St. Mary's Ryken Portrait of a Graduate statement that is below. This statement embodies what makes a St. Mary's Ryken graduate unique and how they are prepared for success in their future. As educators, we focus on these values as they spend their high school years with us.

As a school community, we are committed to proving to you that by sending your children to St. Mary's Ryken, you are making the right choice for your family and your child's future!

In the Xaverian tradition, a challenging Catholic, college preparatory, educational program is a hallmark of St. Mary’s Ryken. As a center of growth and learning, SMR expects that all students and faculty are committed to academic integrity and excellence as well as spiritual growth. Such an atmosphere instills the desire to learn for the sake of learning and increases our students’ personal confidence as they experience success in the classroom, on the stage, in the community, among their peers and on the athletic field. Understanding the importance of developing the whole, unique individual, it is our hope that an SMR graduate will:

  • Be a person of moral character, be able to nurture a relationship with God through prayer, be a steward for social justice, and possess an understanding of Catholic theology and tradition
  • Possess a deep intellectual curiosity with a passion for lifelong learning, have the ability in personal and professional pursuits to effectively utilize evolving technology and understand how it impacts our society, have the competency for critical thinking and analysis in the humanities and the sciences, and be well prepared for post-secondary academic pursuits
  • Be a confident, self-assured young adult capable of developing enduring personal relationships, nurturing a spirit of harmony, be open to diversity and possess a global perspective, and be committed to making a difference in their community by their leadership.