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Learning Differences Support Services


For Students With Learning Differences


As part of our mission, St. Mary’s Ryken offers support services to students with learning differences. We are equipped with fully qualified staff, and students are admitted into the program through the regular admissions process.

SMR provides assistance for students with diagnosed learning disabilities in the areas of reading, writing, math, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, and medical conditions that affect their performance in the classroom. Services include classroom and testing accommodations, and daily or weekly meetings with a resource specialist.

To obtain support services for your child:

  1. Submit a St. Mary’s Ryken admissions application and indicate that support services are needed.
  2. Submit psycho-educational test results, the student’s 504 plan, current IEP, or CAP plan, and letter of medical or ADHD diagnosis
  3. Once your test results are received, a resource specialist will contact you, and an accommodation plan will be prepared.
  4. For more information about psycho-educational testing or for referrals to qualified testers, please contact one of our Resource Specialists listed below. 

After reviewing the student’s application for admission and the testing information provided by the family, the resource specialist will recommend one of three options tailored specifically to the student’s needs:

  1. An accommodation plan
  2. An accommodation plan and routine meetings with a resource specialist
  3. An accommodation plan and daily resource period placement

Questions? Please contact one of our Resource Specialists below or the Admissions Department.

Learning Differences Flyer

Levels of Support for Students with Learning Differences

Meet Our Team

Mrs. JoAnn Depperschmidt

Mrs. JoAnn Depperschmidt

Director of Resources
Xavier Hall
Mrs. Sarah Forte

Mrs. Sarah Forte

Resource Teacher
Xavier Hall
Dr. Jill Tennyson

Dr. Jill Tennyson

Resource Teacher, Head Cross County Coach, Head Track & Field Coach
Xavier Hall