Counseling & College Advising

Students begin the path to college the moment they become a member of the St. Mary's Ryken community. The SMR Director of College Advising (Certified Educational Planner), along with each grade-level counselor, guide students beginning freshman year for their college career.

Our team of counselors and Learning Resource Specialists, help students navigate the demands and challenges of the classroom.

Counselors work one-on-one and in groups to identify a student's strengths and to guide them in course selection. Students work with the freshman counselor their first year, then one counselor for the next two years, and with the college counselor for their senior year.

Preparing for College Starts Day 1

  • Student workshops on college essays, scholarships, admission, choosing a college, and service academies are available throughout each year
  • Separate college night events are hosted for freshmen/sophomores, juniors and seniors and their parents
  • College preparation and curriculum about the college application process are integrated into academic classes




Here's a quote from Katherine, class of 2017, about how the essay writing workshop helped her with the application process:

"The workshop gave me great confidence in my college essay writing. There were so many faculty available offering support and guidance. I was able to organize my thoughts with the help of all the teachers in the English department, and of our counselors. I now feel prepared to approach my college essays. The information I received at the workshop, I believe, will definitely help me stand out when applying for admissions, honors programs and scholarships."


“SMR provides incredibly helpful resources to assist throughout the college search and application process, which can be incredibly stressful. I could always go to SMR faculty to ask questions and to help build up the confidence. Now, I’m studying animation and film and couldn’t be happier with my decision!” Emily Rawson '16, attending Loyola Marymount University.


For additional information and questions about the college advising benefit to your child’s SMR high school experience, please contact Mr. David Hamilton, Director of College Advising and Certified Educational Planner.