“Turn toward God, fall in love,

and put yourself in His service.”

For Theodore Ryken, Brother Francis Xavier, this pious sentiment was a lived reality, an encounter with the Word made flesh. Ryken’s words are an echoing reminder of the heart of our school’s mission: to bring our students before the Word, the Incarnate and ineffable love of God. At St. Mary’s Ryken, we strive to form each student to recognize God’s love and respond to that love generously.

As a school, our culture of academic excellence, selfless service, and zealous worship of God aims to give to God what we ultimately are most in need of: “Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he send labourers into his harvest.” (Luke 10: 2)

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Other St. Mary’s Ryken alumni currently in formation

Class of 2013

Joe Heisey (Archdiocese of Washington)

Class of 2015

John Winslow (Archdiocese of Washington)

Class of 2016

Chris Feist (Archdiocese of Washington)

Jessiah Rojas (Archdiocese of Washington)

Class of 2017

Brother Ambrose Halterman, n.O.S.B. (Saint Anselm Abbey, NH)

Class of 2018

Greg Lawrence (Archdiocese of Washington)

Class of 2019

Evan Domonkos (Archdiocese of Washington)

Peter Trossbach (Archdiocese of Washington)

Class of 2020

Marco Magpantay (Archdiocese of Washington)

Shane McKenzie (Archdiocese of Washington)