Students Participated in the Catholic University Academic Symposium

In early March, three students participated in the Catholic University Academic Symposium.

Each student spoke to a room of peers from other Archdiocese of Washington high schools and took questions about their topics.

Catholic University 20

Michael Mazuc and Ashley Mudd

Ashley Mudd presented about the “Art to Heart program”, a St. Mary's Ryken partnership with a nonprofit organization, the Southern Maryland Community Resources, which helps to bridge the gap for individuals who have developmental differences in our community. Ashley Mudd remarked that several students came up to her after her presentation and wanted to learn more about ways they could start an outreach program like Art to Heart in their own schools or what advice she had for them. 

Michael Mazuc presented about “Improving Ground Station Performance” software for drone operators. Michael Mazuc was able to share his project with other STEM focused students who were also still somewhat in progress with their work and research.

Luke Seep presented about “What Makes America Great” (freedom of speech, freedom of religion and opportunity) with a foreign perspective. Luke Seep shared his presentation with a group that included students who spoke about the responsible growth of cities and attitudes toward the Rwandan genocide.