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Senior Giselle Maldonado Participates in Maryland Student Page Program


Senior Giselle Maldonado was selected to participate in the 2024 Maryland Student Page Program. 

Since 1970, Maryland's high school seniors have had the opportunity to learn about the legislative process by serving as student pages during the annual session of the Maryland General Assembly. The program was begun by House Speaker Thomas Hunter Lowe and approved by the Maryland State Board of Education. Each year, 105 pages and 36 alternates are selected from across the State to represent their schools and counties in Annapolis.

Delegate Brian Crosby Giselle Maldonado Md Page Program 2024

Delegate Brian Crosby with Giselle Maldonado '24


"My week as a Student Page for the House at the Maryland General Assembly was one of the most meaningful weeks I have experienced as a high school student," said Giselle. "In addition to my intern duties, I listened in on committee hearings while numerous bills were being introduced. It takes longer than I thought for a bill to become law. One of the highlights of the week was observing a press conference with Governor Wes Moore as he spoke on a new bill about juvenile justice. Overall, the week was an incredible networking opportunity to meet teens with the same academic and career goals in government, policy, and law. I was not expecting to have made so many friends while also having fun and learning more about Maryland's legislative process!" 

Selected pages serve two nonconsecutive weeks, during the thirteen weeks of session. During the 13 weeks of session, which runs from the second week in January to early April, each page serves one week during the first seven weeks and returns for a second week of service during the last six. The duties of the page revolve around the schedule of the chamber. Whenever the chamber is in session, pages must be present.

"It was an incredible opportunity to see legislature at work," said Giselle. "I am already looking forward to returning for my week in March."

Delegate Todd Morgan Giselle Maldonado Md Page Program 2024

Delegate Todd Morgan with Giselle Maldonado '24


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