Pinning Ceremony for XBSS Stewards during Feast of St. Francis Xavier Mass

On December 3, during a school wide liturgy to celebrate the Feast of St. Francis Xavier, the St. Mary's Ryken Xaverian Brothers Sponsored School (XBSS) Stewards were honored and pinned as part of the special mass. 

XBSS Stewards 19-20

The 2019-20 XBSS stewards are pictured here with moderators Mr. Greg DeStefano, Ms. Mary Rose Depperschmidt, Dr. Rick Wood and Fr. Scott Woods 

Congratulations to the following students who were pinned as XBSS Stewards:

Danielle Bouchard

Janie Bryner

Lily Bull

Nick Fernbaugh

Morgan Floeher

Erin Jackson

Olivia Johnson

Sloan Koviak

Dillon Miller

Sean Morris

Claire Neace

Jenna Owens

Matthew Padgett

Ethan Redding

Mary Claire Schreyer

Christine Shatrowsky

Zach Shepley

Maggie Sullivan

Lizzie Trossbach

Genna Vavrus

Anna Weirch

Gavin Willis

Alexis Wilson

The XBSS Stewards are a group of seniors who act as a living witnesses to Christ in our school community. The stewards serve on behalf of our school and are called to keep the spirit and traditions of the Xaverian Brothers alive by spreading excitement about faith, service and our Catholic identity. It is one of the biggest honors of a SMR student to be chosen as a XBSS Steward!

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