Junior Henry Meiser Appointed to the Maryland Youth Advisory Council

Congratulations to St. Mary's Ryken junior, Henry Meiser, who was appointed to the Maryland Youth Advisory Council. The Council addresses issues impacting youth and young adults in Maryland by working to provide legislative recommendations, spreading public awareness of youth policy issues, and serving as a liaison between young people in Maryland and policymakers in their communities.


“Our youth are our future, and it’s important for them to know that their voice is important,” said Glenn Fueston, the executive director of the Governor’s Office of Crime Prevention, Youth, and Victim Services. “The council gives young people in Maryland a seat at the table in the legislative process and provides an outlet to share their unique perspective on public policy.”

Henry was nominated by the Maryland Association of Student Councils and appointed by the Governor’s Office of Crime Prevention, Youth, and Victim Services. The 2021-22 council year is Henry’s first year as a member of the Council.

The Maryland Youth Advisory Council was established in 2008 to ensure that Maryland youth are given the opportunity to provide feedback and recommendations regarding public policies and programs affecting their futures.

Council members must be 14 to 22 years of age and members are required to serve a two-year term. The Council year begins on September 1 and ends August 31 of the following year.

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