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Class of 2023 Students Awarded Scholarships from St. Bonaventure University

The St. Mary's Ryken Counseling Department nominated seven students from the class of 2023 for a Junior Scholarship granted by St. Bonaventure University based on their academic achievements and on qualities that reflect the core values that St. Bonaventure University holds dear such as academic excellence, community service, integrity, wisdom, leadership, social responsibility, compassion and appreciation for diversity. 

The following students have been awarded scholarships for their future college endeavors!

The Reilly Scholarship Award has been granted to two students who will receive $18,000 annually or $72,000 over four years. 

Congratulations to Alexander Coughlon and Henry Meiser.

The Bonnie Scholarship Award has been granted to five students who will receive $20,000 annually or $80,000 over four years. 

Congratulations to Maya Civil, Sydnie Collins, Jack DeLucco, Eleanor Stafford and Lauren VanMeter.

St. Bonaventure University Awardees

Back row from left: Jack DeLucco, Henry Meiser. From row from left: Alex Coughlon, Sydnie Collins, Maya Civil, Eleanor Stafford, Lauren VanMeter and Mrs. Michelle Robertson (SMR Counselor)


"The St. Mary’s Ryken Counseling Department visited junior classrooms and explained student’s opportunities to apply for scholarships early" said SMR Counselor, Mrs. Michelle Robertson. "They were offered online resources and encouraged to attend the SMR Spring College Fair to seek out scholarship opportunities such as this one. Students should reference the scholarship opportunities also posted in the Principals’ Newsletter every other week in the College News and College Bulletin posted by Mr. David Hamilton."

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. David Hamilton at



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