13 Faculty and Staff Members Honored at Catholic Schools Week Mass in the Donnie Williams Center

On January 31, we honored 13 faculty and staff members for their dedication to our Community.  Thank you to the following SMR Community Members for their dedication to SMR.  We thank them for assuring that each child, every day experiences our faculty and staff's care, expertise, and devotion.

10 Years

Jason Early
Selva Kumar
Kim Norris
Tessa Silvestro
Sam Spaulding
Luke Young

10 Years of Service 20

Mrs. Kim Norris, Mr. Jason Early, Mrs. Sam Spaulding, Mr. Luke Young and Ms. Tessa Silvestro

5 Years

Sandy Adams
Brad Chamberlain
Stephanie Dameron
Catherine Dziekiewicz
Betsy Haley
Meme Stauffer
Gary Wynn

5 Years of Service January 2020

Mrs. Stephanie Dameron, Mrs. Betsy Haley, Mrs. MeMe Stauffer and Mrs. Catherine Dziekiewicz


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