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Caritas Cafe Volunteers Served Over 440 Meals So Far This Year

“It has many times been said that the word “charity” lost its meaning the moment it began to be uttered and heard by those who did not live their faith.”  Servant of God Madeleine Delbrel

Charity is currently defined by Webster Dictionary as “an organization set up to provide help and raise money for those who need help”. 


Lauren Standish '19 and Sarah Skane '19

prepping meals during their senior year. 

Caritas is defined as “Christian love of humankind”.

“Caritas is an action, not an organization.” Lauren Standish '19



St. Mary’s Ryken has partnered with Southern Maryland Food Bank and serves meals in Lexington Park every Monday and every other Thursday to those who are hungry. St. Mary's Ryken students coined the name “Caritas Cafe” because they didn’t think it to be a sign of “kinship” to say, “we are going to feed the poor”. 

This school year, students have already served over 440 meals, and beyond the food the students have learned the power of radical kinship which is God’s love for all of us.

"Lines between our situations which often cause a divide, I have witnessed the students erase," said SMR Campus Minister, Mrs. Beth Allen. "Not just food is served but, hope is given and received by all."

On the first day of Homecoming Week (Maryland day), students prepared 55 sandwiches, drinks and snacks for those in our local area who are hungry. "Our students gave and received many smiles," said Mrs. Allen. 

If students would like to become involved with this initiative, please stop by Campus Ministry located in Rupert Hall to talk to Mrs. Allen.

"If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten we belong to one another."

Saint Mother Teresa

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