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Coby Treadway named Head Girls Soccer Coach at St. Mary's Ryken


St. Mary's Ryken (SMR) is pleased to announce the hiring of Coby Treadway as the Head Girls Soccer Coach. Coach Treadway has been an integral part of the program, serving as the assistant coach during the 2022 and 2023 seasons and recently stepping in as interim head coach. He has excelled in building strong relationships and fostering positive experiences for the team. Coach Treadway will begin his role as head coach effective immediately. 

Treadway Girls Soccer Coach 2023

"When I was a student in high school, one of my teachers/coaches had a motto he repeated to us every day—“dare to be great.” That is the mindset that I want to bring to this team," said Coach Treadway. "We have a talented group of players. I want to dare them to be great. To do this, we have to continue building off of the positive culture we established last season and continue to develop a program that generates excitement among the team, the school, and the outside community. As a teacher and coach of scholar-athletes, my goals are to encourage, support, and challenge our players to be leaders in the classroom and exemplify what it means to be a successful student at St. Mary’s Ryken. I want to establish a winning attitude among the team that must begin with the creation of sisterhood and selflessness among our players. We must exist in a culture where we celebrate each other’s victories, lift each other up when we fall, and push each other forward. Finally, I want to nurture the passion for the sport amongst our players and the larger school community so that we are proud to represent SMR and SMR is proud to be represented by us."

"Coach Coby Treadway has been a great addition to our community as a science teacher and assistant coach with Girls Soccer as well as the Girls Golf team," said SMR Athletic Director Jon Lombardo. "I am excited to elevate Coby to the head coach role as his leadership thrives through relationship building. Coach Treadway is a great educator of the whole person, who believes in offering a transformational experience for our student-athletes in alignment with the mission of SMR. The SMR administration is thrilled to support Coby and the program’s process."

Coach Treadway plans to attack the fall season by being prepared and building confidence in the team. "The WCAC is one of the toughest and most competitive high school sports conferences in the nation. We will consistently be playing against schools stacked with talent and every game will be challenging. The key to being competitive in a league like this is preparation. When players are prepared, they are more confident, and when they are more confident, they play freer, and that is when they achieve great things. We will be in shape and we will be prepared."

If you have any questions about the SMR Girls Soccer Program, please contact Athletic Director, Jon Lombardo at

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