Rocque Tremaglio, '21 Demonstrates Character and Sportsmanship

Rocque Tremaglio, a freshman at St. Mary's Ryken and member of the SMR junior varsity football team, recently had the honor of being selected to carry the United States flag before the USA Football International game in Dallas, TX. 

Rocque, '21 holding the USA flag during the National Anthem before the International Football game against Team Mexico.

"I felt truly blessed to represent our country on such a grand stage," said Rocque. "I was also thankful to represent St. Mary’s Ryken the best that I could during the International Bowl IX."

Rocque participated in the USA Football Regional Development training camp last Spring in Montgomery County, MD., and then the USA Football National Development Games in Canton, OH in July. He was ultimately chosen to be on the USA International team in Dallas, Texas the week of January 15. On Friday, January 19 the International team played Team Mexico at the Dallas Cowboys stadium which ended in a win of 47-0 with the US winning the championship!

Ten minutes before Rocque was to go out on the field, he was chosen unanimously by all five coaches across the teams to carry the USA flag because, "he demonstrated more than any player on the teams... Rocque demonstrated character and good sportsmanship - he was described as a true gentleman."  

“I had the honor and privilege of coaching Rocque during the 2018 International USA Football games," said Coach Tyree Spinner. "Many times as a football coach, you are excited to see the skill set and talent level of the players for events like this...but with Rocque, I found myself excited to see him everyday because he was polite, respectful, portrayed great work ethic, and he was eager to improve everyday. He was awarded as the flag bearer because when I think of what an ideal citizen of this country, it’s a young man like Rocque. Whether it’s football or something else, we are looking at a future leader of this great nation.”

"It is a great honor to wear USA on your chest," said SMR head varsity football coach, Mr. Aaron Brady.  "The opportunity to do this in the sport of football has only been a possibility for a short time, and is quite an accomplishment for a student-athlete of Rocque's age."  

USA Football is the official representative of the game as sanctioned by the National Football League.