Middle States Reaccreditation

Part of our mission at St. Mary's Ryken is to provide for individualized student growth and ensure that our students realize their potential. To this end, we continually monitor and if needed, update our curriculum and academic programs to provide the prerequisite coursework and rigor that will fully prepare our students for college. 

To better meet student needs, St. Mary's Ryken began the reaccreditation process in September 2010 and looked at all aspects of student growth and achievement from the vantage point of five constituencies - alumni, community, faculty/staff, parents and students.

In January 2012, St. Mary's Ryken was reacrredited by the Commission on Secondary Schools/Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (CSS-MSA).

After reaccreditation was granted, and we saw was was working and what improvements were needed, an action plan was designed to help the school meet its goals. Teams comprised of faculty and staff are developing programs that will be implemented over the next several years ensuring objectives are met. These teams are voluntary - faculty and staff meet outside of their regular work schedules. The initiatives and programs are a culmination of their professional work experience and research of best practices in education.

Commendations and recommendations from the CSS-MSA reacrreditation report


"Accreditation for Growth" Objectives 2011-2018

Objective 1:  Academic Skills

By 2018, St. Mary's Ryken students will demonstrate improved academic skills and abilities as measured by:

  1. improving the retention rate for each class when moving to the next grade level. 
  2. having 95% of those students who score in the lower 20% of the High School Placement Test maintain a 2.0 GPA or higher during their freshman year.
  3. having 80% of students reach the College Readiness Benchmark on PSAT/NMSQT scores in the sophomore year.
  4. having a daily school attendance rate of 95%.
  5. having less than 10% of each class on the academic Ineligibility list during each quarter.
  6. having 100% of students take a minimum of one Honors or Advanced Placement class as a junior or senior.

Objective 2:  Writing Proficiency

By 2018, St. Mary's Ryken students will demonstrate improved proficiency in writing as demonstrated by:

  1. achieving a 10 point increase on the PSAT writing score by the student's junior year.
  2. achieving a 10 point increase in SAT writing scores by the student's senior year.
  3. achieving a 5% increase in the number of students who score a 4 or 5 on the AP English Language and AP English Composition exams.
  4. achieving a 10 point increase in the ACT College English Composition test score.
  5. having 90% of students receive a 3 (proficient) or above on the "Writing Across the Curriculum" portfolio by the senior year.