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St. Mary's Ryken Teaching Job Description:
SMR considers its teachers as its most important and valued employees tasked with creating and sustaining a vibrant learning atmosphere as well as developing enduring personal relationships with students as part of the Xaverian educational ideals.  SMR teachers are expected to support the school’s mission as a college preparatory environment and, while our teachers are not required to be practicing Catholics, there is an expectation that the philosophy and doctrines of the Catholic Church will be upheld and supported. Teachers will have five full-time classes and may be asked to fulfill essential duties either during or directly before or after the school day. Coaching and club advisor roles and responsibilities are also a valuable element of the role of educator at St. Mary’s Ryken. St. Mary’s Ryken is a member of the Washington Catholic Athletic Conference and supports twenty-six varsity sports.  Coaching opportunities exist for many athletic teams.  SMR has a club and resource time embedded into the school day and moderator positions are available.

St. Mary's Ryken Teaching Requirements:
A Master’s degree is preferred but not required. Likewise, expected content area teaching experience is preferred but other experiences and educational qualifications will be considered. At minimum, a Bachelor’s Degree in the expected content area is required of all SMR teachers. Of utmost importance is the ability to establish a rigorous yet engaging classroom atmosphere with the expectation that all students are being prepared for continued study after high school. Technology skills that correlate to teaching in a 1:1 environment are highly valued; however, training is available for teachers who bring other strengths and experiences to the position but may not yet have had the opportunity to build a repertoire of technology-integration skills. Other valuable attributes include, but are not limited to: strong organizational and interpersonal skills; knowledge of current trends in national content area standards; proven ability in critical thinking, analysis and writing instruction. Maryland teacher certification (or the ability to attain certification in three years) is highly encouraged. We reimburse 50% of the cost of graduate coursework.  We also offer zero interest loans for the remaining cost. 

Teaching Opportunities:

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Substitute Teacher

St. Mary's Ryken is currently accepting applications for Substitute Teachers.

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SMR is seeking a certified school bus driver to transport students to retreats and other school-related activities using a school supplied bus.  Must have a current CDL with passenger and school bus endorsements and have completed a formal training program in bus driving.  Prior experience is necessary.  Clean driving record, background check and drug screening required.  Starting wage $25/hr.

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Donnie Williams Center

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St. Mary's Ryken offers multiple opportunities for student-athletes to develop values such as leadership, integrity, determination, teamwork and sportsmanship. The athletics program educates student-athletes to persevere through adversity and compete with dignity and pride. Student-athletes consistently strive to be as good a person as possible both on and off the field of play. St. Mary's Ryken is committed to sponsoring an Athletics Program that provides its student-athletes with the opportunity to benefit from a well-rounded high school experience.